Cooking at the Clubhouse - 2/12


Tuesday, February 12

Come learn the secrets of the trade, eat amazing food, have ton’s of fun, and oh yeah drink a whole bunch of wine, with Chef Ryne from the Hunt Club Steakhouse. Valentine’s Day is all about romance, as men we buy flowers or jewelry or try to recreate a special moment to help arouse our significant others for this special occasion. As Chefs we can use things like scent or taste to bring back nostalgia or implement certain foods help to aid in the act of romance. Aphrodisiacs are any substances that increase libido when consumed, through science we can now understand that foods like oysters that are high in Zinc and certain amino acids, vitamins and trace elements are proven to increase blood flow and stamina for both men and women. This menu will provide ingredients that will excite the palate as well as the libido while keep the body feeling light after the meal.

Featured Aphrodisiac Menu Items:

>> Oysters Casanova

>> Watermelon Sorbetto

>> Pan Seared Trout

>> Dark Chocolate Pot de Creme

$70++ per person, limited to 20 people

>> To sign-up, call Katy Cook at 262.245.7026.

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