Color For Care - 7/6


Friday, July 6

4-Person Scramble Golf Event. You can register as a Team or as an Individual.

7:00am: Registration & Breakfast in the Member Grill Room

8:00am: Shotgun on Palmer Course

12:30pm: Scoring, Lunch and Awards in the Lake Geneva Room

GN Members' annual tournament for local cancer care will be played this year on Friday morning, July 6. It’s a fun, four-person scramble event for a worthwhile cause, and we invite you (and guests) to join us.

Many thanks to all our members who have previously been so generous to the Vince Lombardi Cancer Clinic. Every gift makes a difference and through your donations, items have been purchased that benefit so many of our local cancer patients.

Wear Your Color

Care comes in many colors. We ask you wear a color(s) in support of those battling cancer:

  • Lavender - All Cancers

  • Marigold - Bladder

  • Grey - Brain

  • Pink - Breast

  • Teal/White - Cervical

  • Gold - Childhood

  • Dark Blue - Colon

  • Orange - Kidney & Leukemia

  • Emerald Green - Liver

  • White - Lung

  • Lime Green - Lymphoma

  • Black - Melanoma

  • Teal - Ovarian

  • Purple - Pancreatic

  • Light Blue - Prostate

  • Yellow - Sarcoma / Bone

  • Periwinkle - Stomach/Esophageal

  • Orchid - Testicular

  • Peach - Uterine

Bring A Head Cover

Don’t forget to bring a new hat for clinic patients. Our members have already donated more than 300 “head covers” but more are always needed! Aurora has told us that our hats go first—go GN!!!

Entry Fee: $40 plus cart fee (breakfast, golf, lunch & prizes) + $50 (or more) donation* to Aurora Health Center Foundation

>> To sign-up, call the Member Pro Shop 262.245.7012.

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