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Contact the Wellness Center


or call our Membership Office

at 262.245.7049

Member Wellness


step back into fitness


  • If you are feeling unwell, please stay home.

  • Children included in the membership are not permitted to bring friends into the wellness center.

  • Hotel guests are permitted to use the wellness center.  Please make them feel welcome!

  • Children ages 15+ may use the wellness center when accompanied by an adult.

  • A change of shoes is required to use the wellness center. (no outdoor shoes in the gym or on equipment)

  • Sharing of key fobs will result in termination of wellness center use. 

  • No tailgating; each member must swipe their own assigned fob so we can keep everyone accounted for and safe. 

  • Clean up after yourself!  Each member is responsible for wiping down and replacing equipment after each use.

    • We work hard to provide a safe, clean place to workout, help us keep it that way.

  • Be mindful of others; share space, limit phone usage, and don’t play your music too loud.  

The Member Wellness Center focuses on providing members a superlative experience each time they walk through our doors at the Legends Building.  With a full range of state-of-the-art Life Fitness cardio and strength equipment plus daily classes and personalized training, we have everything you need in a gym.  In other words, we may be small, but we are mighty.  

Our facilities include the following:




Recumbent & Upright Bicycles

Water Rower


Peloton Bikes


Pulley/Cable Machines

Assisted Pull-up/Dip Machine

Abdominal Crunch & Smith Machines

Leg Press

Seated Leg Extension & Curl

Let Pull Down

Seated Row

Back Extension

(2) Benches

Free Weights (2-75lbs)

BOSU, Swiss and Medicine Balls

Pilates Reformer


What truly sets the Member Wellness Center apart is the unique bond our Members have with each other and with our trainers. You will be encouraged and inspired to live life to the fullest and fittest. Stop in and see what you've been missing!


I grew up playing every single type of sport, excelling in softball, which I played in college. While at Carroll University, I studied to become a physical therapist, but fell in love with fitness. I've been an athlete and competitor all my life, and the game of fitness is yet another competition. 


Indeed, fitness is my passion, as is guiding others to succeed in living a healthy life. My goal is to help my clients break through barriers and build the self-confidence and discipline to be fit for life -- not just in this moment. 


Whether you're sweating through the latest workout trend or just stepping into the gym for the first time, I look forward to helping you determine your fitness goals and finding a personalized routine that's just right for you. Please stop in or call and schedule a one-on-one with me, and I will walk you through all the Wellness Center has to offer.


Healthy lifestyle, here we come!


Be fit,





Kelsey Waddell

Owner of KW Personal Training LLC

BS from Carroll University 2012

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer Since 2012

CPR/AED and First Aid Certified

TPI Certified  

AdvoCare Distributor

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